Workshops where kids help any organisation solve their problems with new ideas and perspectives.


I remember my childhood with delight because of all the motivation and creativity I possessed. As an adult, this comes in a different form, but kids still inspire me and help me get back to that playfulness

A few years ago I came across a video with the creative expert Sir Ken Robinson called Do schools kill creativity? where he talked about how school sometimes limit kids creativity, which I could relate to. He also mentioned a survey made for NASA in the 80s (found in the book Breakpoint and Beyond by George Land) where 6000 children were measured on their divergent thinking, a form of creativity where you come up with as many solutions to a problem as possible. 98% of the 3-5 year olds were placed on a genious level, where they came up with hundreds of solutions to a specific problem. 5 years later, only 30% of these children were still on a genious level and 10 years later only 12% were left on a genious level. What happened during all these years for them to loose this great ability? According to Ken Robinson, the school system has a lot to do with it.

For me, this survey explained something that most of us can relate to. As we grow older many of us lose that spark that made us feel alive so often as children. According to creative experts we don’t become less creative with age, we just limit ourselves in order not to look silly, or because knowledge gets in the way of imagination. More so, our school system and society as a whole value knowledge more than imagination.
I think that imagination and knowledge goes hand in hand, where one feeds the other.


I wanted to increase creativity and playfulness with age, and encourage this great ability starting with the youngsters, so I created workshops where kids get to share their creative ideas to different organizations.


The workshop is inspired by the SOLE method by Sugata Mitra, where a schoolclass is given various questions based on an issue that the organization is facing. Especially the 7 year olds come up with an unlimited amount of ideas that can inspire the organization with new solutions, but even the 10-11 year olds has much to say. After the age of 11, the kids seem to want to give a more logic and adult answer and the challenge is different.

I’d still like to develope this concept and help society value something so great and important. For me art and playfulness goes hand in hand, and I often turn to kids in order to get inspired for my work. If you have similar ideas and want to work on a project, or simply hire me for a workshop with kids, feel free to contact me!


The Innovator of the month, Innocarnival Lund 2014

Video from pilot project 2013: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLBKhqw7vL69Z9z2Hl43R_Q