Where do I get my inspiration from to become an actor, artist, social innovator and muse?

  1. There’s a mystery to all of us where our inspiration, motivation, drive and talent derives from; but we all have it. I believe that it’s a human responsibility to take care of our talents. A story I relate to this is the “Parabel of the Talents” from Matthew 25.
  2. God is an inspiration in form of Jesus Christ because we have a connection, simply put, and I think he’s the most awesome man in history.
  3. Ingmar Bergman is my biggest inspiration actor and drama wise, even though it’s only been like that for a few years. His movies made me realise why I should be an actor. The way he manage to screen human nature is amazing to me and I found his work brutally honest and relatable which I found was freeing. There were various scenes in his movies that I could relate to on an emotional and spiritual level. This is the type of performances that I want to reach.
  4. Josie Prendergast (surfer and model) is an inspiration to me in terms of health, beauty, peace and connection to nature.
  5. Jordan Peterson is an inspiration to me on a psychological level, I like the intellectual and spiritual discussions he have about the human condition.
  6. Muhammed Yunus, Ken Robinson and Sugata Mitra has inspired me to develope my social entrepreneurship which led me to the project Divergent Kids.
  7. Audrey Hepburn, Max von Sydow, Emma Stone and Anthony Hopkins are actors that have inspired me.
  8. Jennifer Lopez and Harry Potter were my biggest inspirations as a kid.
  9. Friends, family, people and kids aswell as nature and animals are ofcourse a constant inspiration source!
  10. The future me is always something to look forward to and strive for.


I’m a big fan of Misty Copeland too 👌