Currently based in London

Short version

Nicole grew up in Södertälje, Sweden with the nature of acting, singing and dancing from a young age.

She started with amateur theatre and backstage roles as a teenager but finally decided to take acting to the next level in 2015 by taking more advanced classes including Method acting and Acting for the camera.

In 2016 she went for a 6 Week Acting Conservatory in New York, which gave her a solid ground in the Meisner technique. In 2018 she took two courses at NIDA in directing and acting.

Her recent projects includes Sarah in God Ton and Adelina in distraktion, both short movies released in 2018. She also got to play a Policewoman opposite Saga Norén in an episode of the worldfamous series The Bridge Season 4.

Nicole is fascinated by kids creativity and is often inspired by them to think outside the box in her work. In 2013 she launched a concept of creative workshops where kids help organizations with new ideas, which you can read more about here.

Because of her faith in Jesus Christ, Nicole is looking for projects with a moral message that inspires people to the better good.

Long version

I grew up in Södertälje, Sweden with a Swedish father and Brazilian mother. As a child I always liked to play outside and come up with new creative ways to approach the day like any other child. In school I often gathered my friends to come up with plays and performances, I particularly remember doing the play The Rabbit and the Turtle, which ended up in laughter but after that a teacher tried to convince my mother that I had to pursue acting. My teachers often gave me lead roles in performances at school.

I continued to pursue dancing and acting throughout my teenage years, playing Maria in the Shakespeare play Twelfth night among others. At the age of 16 I had developed a stagefright that didn’t seem to go away, so I took a break and decided to develope my confidence. This soulsearch later turned into developing on an emotional level and thanks to this pursuit I also learned that acting is not only about practicing skills, it’s also about developing the inner life.

During this time I tried to pursue all kinds of studies and professions including journalism, sports, art, teaching and entrepreneurship. My most successful project was developing a concept as an entrepreneur where kids help organizations with new ideas, in order to encourage and illustrate kids creativity to society. Up until this day this project is close to my heart and I aim to work further with this, which you can read more about on this website.

I also did a lot of traveling in South America, United States, Australia and around Asia among other places in order to find a way in life. In 2012 I had a strong experience of Jesus Christ which became my Lord and Saviour ever since, this was a radical change in my life since I grew up as an agnostic.

On a trip to Los Angeles in 2015 I stayed with a friend that was pursuing acting in Hollywood. I was impressed by her determination to make it in such an impossible business, and the whole trip inspired me to pursue my dreams for real. Back in Sweden I decided to pursue everything I loved including acting, dancing and sports.

One year after I decided to take acting to the next level by applying to a 6 Week Acting Conservatory in New York. This experience made me understand my love and talent for acting and that I had a singing voice that could affect people in an amazing way too. Because dancing had already been a big part of my life, I decided to take my life as an artist more serious and pursued more serious acting jobs.

Because of my faith I want to be a part of stories that inspires people to the better. I truly believe that every single person is looking for more peace, love and happiness in their lives, and that we deep down in our hearts wants art to affect us in a way that brings us up and not down.

I’m currently acting for the camera, but I also strive to pursue singing and dancing. My goal is to participate in stories that truly inspires people on a spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and technical level. More than anything, I want to bring sincerity and purity to my performances.

Because of my background as an entrepreneur and the specific type of stories I want to tell, I also plan to produce my own projects in the future.

Besides artistry and entrepreneurship, I like to spend my time traveling doing missionary work or athletic adventures in nature. When I don’t work as an actor or social innovator I work as a substitute teacher or take other extrajobs. I like to set my own schedule and have the flexibility to work with various projects.


Painting: The Voyage of life by Thomas Cole
Movie: Wild Strawberries
Actor: Max von Sydow
Actress: Audrey Hepburn
Director: Ingmar Bergman
Musical: La la land
Music: Whatever fits the moment
Food: Healthy
City: New York
Sport: Surfing
Athlete: Josie Prendergast
Book: Harry Potter
Author: H.C. Andersen
Quote: Seek and you shall find