A good sport is about being in a happy place where you love and take care of yourself aswell as others.

This page is about another passion of mine; health. I met a famous actor once who called me “a good sport” and it might be a common compliment in the U.S. but for me it was completely new and I loved it.

On this page I use this proverb to represent what I love about health, exercise and spirituality; which is to be a good sport and climb those mountains to feel good from inside out but also to spend time on what you love and what is good for you.

Whether it’s about eating healthy, take time for fun exercises or simply just generate good thoughts and emotions, a good sport is a way to express that journey.

My goal is to share my journey towards feeling the best me and being able to do what I love the most, and how I overcome the most difficult moments of my life. It’s about inspiration and improving mental health aswell as sharing my thoughts on beauty and style.

I think it’s important to have inspiration sources when it comes to being a good sport, and mine is surfer and model Josie Prendergast. Her natural beauty, style and sense of peace inspires me to dig deeper for those things.

I’m also inspired by a single moment in my life when I was traveling in Venezuela. The situation in Venezuela was very difficult and most people were hungry and depressed. One day when I was sitting in a bus I saw this young girl in the middle of the sidewalk, she was probably just 6 years old and her presence was shining such peace and hope. I thought to myself that this girl must have great parents to be in such a state of mind in such a messed up environment, and it gave me hope that even in the darkest moments we can shed light and hope to those around us.

Somehow this is my idea of real beauty, to shed light, peace and hope by our presence and inner force. Everyone needs a source of some kind and mine, whether it’s a parent or family or nature or just hope, and mine is Jesus. It’s a relationship between man and God which I’ve gained and know is available to everyone. Jesus wants to be our eternal friend and father and His Spirit gives me miracles, security, peace, love and hope.

He is for me the source of love and from where I try to gain more and more strength to go through this life with grace. He also inspires me to take care of myself and do what I love in order to spread love and joy.

When you realise that it takes intention and effort to reach good stuff, and that good things are possible, that’s when you start to take things seriously and start to work. That’s why I like the words good sport, good is motivating and a sport is challenging but fun.

One thing that motivates me is to create my own dream world. My favourite director and filmmaker Ingmar Bergman says the following in this interview:

“If you just want to create a universe, a little universe of your own, including your dreams and your ideas and your vision and your thoughts… This universe is not a reality. Reality always makes sabotage to your fantasy and dreams. So you have to take details of the reality and put them into your universe.”

I want to create my own little dreamworld and make reality fit where it can help my dream world to grow. My dreamworld has it’s core in the Kingdom of God ofcourse since I’m a Christian, but it’s also a place where I get to do what I love and radiate that joy with God and other people.

In my dreamworld I get to practice as many sports as I’d like without growing tired because it’s so much fun; basically becoming a carefree child again 24/7. I get to train gymnastics, I get to dance, sing, act, ski, surf and more. I get to play with others who are as intense and I get to learn from others. We work in an environment that is totally in peace, harmony, fun and joy.

That is just one example of what I like to do in my dreamworld, ofcourse I want to ride unicorns (or just horses) too, but I think creating a space for our ideas, goals and dreams is essential in order to escape a sometimes cruel reality, find solutions to the problems and live in flow. Having a sacred space like that is a great soil to let the dreams and ideas grow, and when they grow they eventually become reality. And for goodness sake, make sure it’s a GOOD space so that reality becomes better! It’s your ideas and your chance to be a good sport.

This is also what I aim with my project Divergent Kids, I want to encourage creativity and problemsolving from a young age because I truly believe that the creative element or trait openness is important for the wellness of mankind.


Souce: God & love

Goal: Beautiful peace with myself, others people and life

Fuel: Food

Fun: Sports

Sports: surf, gymnastics, hiking, skiing, football/soccer, basketball, dancing, horsebackriding, iceskating and whatnot.

Inspiration: Josie Prendergast

Motto: Step by step

Keywords: love, hope, natural beauty, peace, faith, joy