Long time no see

I switched it up a little bit and started a new blog; movernicole.blogspot.com sometimes you need the change. Mover is sort of my alterego and sometimes I need to be just mover.

Things started to get interesting though, first of all I saw a shortfilm I did last year and was actually happy over the results.

It surprised me because I did another shortfilm where the experience was amazing but the result quite random. And with the other short film the experience wasn’t great but the result was amazing!

Anyway, another great surprise is that I’m finally on imdb thanks to God Ton or Silent Shout. It’s a small step forward on the acting front.

Meanwhile I’m visiting my family in Brazil and my biggest dream right now is to work out every day and actually become good at it. Another dream is to improve the lives for the children in this world. It’s a longterm plan which was triggured by my latest findings regarding Pedogate.

And that’s pretty much all I can offer by now.

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