Keep calm #discipline

I’m so happy to finally have some surfpics, I surfed a lot in the Philippines and without knowing it a friend took some pics of me.

It was such a pleasant surprise to wake up and recieve this pictures on messenger, how come pictures can make one so happy?

It motivated me inside the rabbit hole I’ve been in lately, I have nothing against rabbit holes but they can be quite intense.

Basically a rabbit hole is like a bubble where you’re dedicated to learn about something so you study that particular thing like a maniac for several hours a day.

I’ve been in a rabbit hole since Tim Bergling died and it has been hard to accept but finally I’ve realised that it has been God led and that I’m learning something important.

I’m gonna come back to what I’m learning in another post, but the result of all this is that I’m ready to go all in again, starting with discipline and exercise.

Tomorrow is a new day, starting with a 10k run plus some strength! While praying to God ofcourse, it’s all about that intimate relationship with Heaven and to keep calm.


To trip and fall is part of the game but there’s another wave coming 🔥🌊



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