Seriously though #Avicii conspiracy

Avicii = the lowest level of buddhist hell.

Did he sell his soul to the Devil in order to become a superstar? Satan was the lead musician in Heaven before his fall, he sure knows about music.

God is still the Creator of Music though, and you cannot be a talent without Him, the question is what do you do with that talent? Can you sell your soul to the Devil and still trust God?


This is for sane people, for the people who believe in God, the Good God.

God is love, that I know, how else can you interpret the crucifixion?

Best answer from JP study group:

I’m no theologian and am embarrassingly simple minded (aka a dumbass) but here is my answer to “but why do it by killing himself? Or letting himself be killed. Why couldn’t he have cleaned our sins in any other way? He’s Creative right. So what’s the deal with sacrificing yourself for others?”…

I think most have been taught a backwards, superstitious version of Christ’s crucifiction and “cleansing blood” etc. Imagine if it were explained like this instead:

Jesus let himself be wrongly accused and branded a ‘sinner’ worthy of crucifiction so that he could show his accusers (and all mankind) what the attitude of God really was toward them all along: grace and forgiveness. “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing”

He ‘cleansed our sins’ by just forgiving them…even forgiving the accusing, hateful mob doing the worst evil imaginable – hateful torture of an innocent. AND, he calls us to follow his steps and to refrain from vengeance as well.

I think faith/trust in the ‘truth’ that God is not, in fact, an angry tyrant looming over us but more clearly a loving Father who understands our fragile, sick humanity, brings in emotional and societal healing as such a faith is ‘walked in’.


Anyway, Avicii was a nice guy and inspired us to go to Heaven, look at the above song! I feel like there’s something more to this story, which I am sure will be revealed eventually.




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