The love you seek

What a crazy up and down week it’s been!


  • Lots of quality time with quality friends
  • Good and deep realizations
  • Hope for future investments


  • Avicii’s death and life circumstances
  • How hard it is for people to focus on love and relationships
  • Being patient about future achievements

I’m glad over a few things that are happening at home in Brazil. Meanwhile I’m starting to realize that Stockholm is more home than Malmö is here in Sweden, and I will probably invest more time there.

I hope to gain more quality time with family and friends who want to spend more time together. I also look forward to more animals and kids around me.

I really want to pay tribute to Tim Bergling by remembering the most important thing and the meaning of the name Tim; to honour God!

I love you God and everything you have in store for me and the people around me, help us to create the dream you have for us, on earth as it is in heaven.


The new/last (and probably the most important) commandment Jesus gave before he was crucified.


I love this Avicii design from his last EP before he died, where you can see the Tree of Life in the end of the tunnel.

Rest in Peace Tim, and for the rest of us, Love one Another. ❤

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