Finally fun times

Today I met up with my 3 closest friends in Malmö and for a moment there it felt like everything was in its place, several moments actually.

The day began by biking around with Dima, the weather was awesome and we biked around for like 3 hours.

Then I went home, took a shower, had a chat with my uncle about future investments and took the bike to my friend Fabian that I’ve known since 2006. We were at his mothers house playing games.

Then Fabian, Dima and I met up with Carla, my friend from way back the 90s and that’s where the fun continued. We took a chill and then went to dance some salsa. So much fun!

In the end of all this we met some other friends and finally decided to split up. We need some sleep for tomorrow. When I came home I understood that Avicii, or Swedish musician Tim Bergling, died at the age of 28 today in Oman.

It’s pretty sad but I can only bless his soul, I think it’s only the beginning and I’m excited about the afterlife, still it’s always sad when someone dies young. We will see him again, I hope!

This really triggers me to get that job I applied for, to encourage mental health among youth. I want to help people and spread light for as long as I live. Love and learn how to love more. Tonight was a good start for so many reasons, thank you God. 💥


Forever thankful for the endless moments. 👑

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