Me me me

Funny how I woke up today and realised nobody actually wants to hang out with me today.

So I decided to have some me me time instead, which is a great break from this anti-narcisstic society. 🙂

Lol, so I just got some goodies, worked on my CV, ran around giving my ideas a free run, for nobody to judge.

Brazil? Stockholm? Friends? Family? Job? Apartment? Acting? Comedy?

The only thing we can be sure about it life, is DEAD. We’re all gonna die and that’s all we know.

Sorry to put it like that but it’s just a fact. Y’all like facts right.

So I decided to spread some light. There is resurrection, it happens, because I’ve seen Jesus. Now whether you will get ressurected or not depends on who you bet your life one. The ones who died or the one that resurrected?

I’m gonna say one thing. I’ve always wanted a lot of things in life and I always knew I could have it. The thing is, nobody wants it easy, and I wanted to take the difficult way. Understanding meaning of life and why we are here.

What I found was shocking, surprising and out of my mind. Jesus is real and he showed it to me. I couldn’t believe my own life. But it turned out to be the best thing that could ever happen to me, because I’m now free.

I’m forgiven and I’m free, my heart has opened up to Him, and I’m His. I make mistakes yes, but his grace surrenders me every day, it’s just so big. People talk about the fear of God but all I feel is awe and love. Where’s the hate in Him? I can only see it in other humans.

But I’m learning to love humans too, slowly, but I still love animals more. Well, when it comes down to it I’d probably save a human before an animal. But who knows.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully meet with Fabian, or at least my uncle. Before that though I’m just gonna have some me me time!

Because I’m worth it. BIG TIME.


Seriously why take anything else seriously? Just have fun 😌 the right way 😌 we all have it 👑

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