Comedian yo

Funny twist! I went to see a shortfilm I was in with my friend and co-actor Elihn. We both had mini-roles but was so excited about the result since it was such a great experience shooting the film.

What happened with the material in the edit room though is a mystery, because it wasn’t at all what we expected, and somehow they managed to make me look like a comedian.

I don’t mind though, it was just kind of a turnoff, can’t say I’m excited about my acting career atm. But that’s ok, because I’m really excited about a job I’ve applied to which involves promoting mental health in adolescents.

I really want to give and help others, whether it’s animals, kids, adults or old people, and this job ad kind of just ended on my lap and I became really interested. It was a prayer answer in a way.

Another prayer I’ve done lately is to find a husband! I feel ready! I went from being a desperate teenager to a person who couldn’t care less about romantic relationships, but now I feel balanced and ready to go.

Of course I’m looking for a Christian partner who can understand my relationship with Christ, but who also like me is quite anti-dogmatic and want to be free from legalism. I thought that was gonna be quite hard, up to God kind of miracle, but after signing up to a Christian date website I’ve realised it’s not.

Dating in general is not my thing and has never been, I’m too shy in those situations and almost feel sick thinking about someone wanting me, therefore I still feel it needs to be a miracle from God to find a special one that makes me feel different.

Anyway, we’ll see, it could all go to hell, but I don’t have much expectations these days anyways. I’m kind of in a greyzone just waiting for what’s next.


Currently in Malmö, trying to hang out with some friends and get back to some kind of work out routine. Miss Brazil like crazy, but if I get that job I probably wont get further than Portugal. I would atleast need 2 months for everything I need to do in Brazil. Probably.


This quote just said it for me, desperation is a good sign you’re moving towards something special. Am I desperate for a husband? Hm, maybe just a little.


Celebrated my uncles birthday yesterday here in Malmö, such a nice day! But now I’m alone until Thursday and need to find a way to deal with that, starting with the bed. So long.

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