Not me, you.

It’s been a weird few weeks since I came back to Sweden, because people keep asking me what I want to do next but I have no idea.

It’s funny though, first it’s funny to answer “I don’t know” second it’s funny not to know and third it’s funny how you see things in a different light.

Usually I’m so occupied about my next plan I don’t really notice what’s going on around me, but now my focus is on the people I’m with and that gives life a whole different perspective.

First of all I’ve learned how loving one another and to sacrifice your life for your friends is the core message of Christianity. Since realising this I decided to focus on loving my friends and giving them my attention.

But it’s also about loving your enemy, because love covers a multitude of sins (as it says 1 Peter 4:8) and I finally understood what that means. It means that if you answer hate with love, love wins.

In this narcissistic society it’s really difficult to make a shift and start living for others and not yourself, I honestly couldn’t do it without Jesus guiding me.

Some people are forced to live for someone else, by having children for instance, but a lot of people do it by duty and not love. It’s a difficult thing.


This image became symbolic for my thoughts today. Imagine that each heart is a person looking out for the one in front, and that’s how it becomes a circle of love.

Sacrificing your life for someone else requires a lot of courage and selflessness, it requires giving up on yourself in a way. Who the hell would do that? How could someone elses life be more valuable than your own?

Question reversed, how about someone else sacrificing their own life for you? Would you consider that love? Would you feel special and important?

The story of Christ is about exacly that, and becoming an example for us to act the same. To live for others and not yourself.

I honestly don’t know if I can, but I will give it a shot. I definitely know I want to continue developing as a minimalist and try to spend more time on people and less time on material stuff, but that’s just a small part of it. It’s up to God, I have no plan.


All I know is that this is something new, and it’s a whole new game.

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