The art to see the light

Coming back to Sweden in late winter is a little bit depressing, everybody’s kind of tired of the winter and crave the sun.

For me it’s quite refreshing with some winter after months of tropical weather, but it’s easy to get into the mode here now which is pretty low key.

The good thing is that I’ve spent some quality time with friends here, plus I’ve been able to organize my stuff a bit. Right before my travels I sold my apartment in Malmö and have some stuff in a storage that needed some organizing.

I have no idea what to do with the stuff, whether I should sell it or eventually find a new place to buy or rent here in Sweden. Have absolutely no idea at this point but guess that will become more clear eventually.

What is more clear is what I’m up to the next two weeks; there’s two more days of shooting the short film I’m in here in Malmö, and then I’m off to my grandparents again over Easter. After that I’m back to Stockholm again, and then Dalarna to visit some friends from Brazil!

I’m craving some inspiration acting wise and exercise wise. I met an actor friend the other day who just moved home fro L.A. She’s gonna start producing and writing her own stuff which is interesting.


A painting my father did back in the days when he was like 22 years old, guess he saw some light at that point, I miss him a lot these days.


Anyway, looking forward to these next few weeks, now sleep!

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