Home for a while

Sorry for poor updates, I’ve just been extremely homesick lately so I finally decided to just fly home and spend some time with family/friends.

Sweden is my home, for the most part, and I currently live in Malmö til end of March. I’m gonna hang out with my bff Gaby and participate in a short movie too!

Tonight is the final of Eurovision song contest which is a huge event in Sweden, so we will just cozy it up and have som fun dancing and singing at home tonight.

That’s it for now. End of March I will visit friends in Stockholm and my grandparents in Jönköping. I’m thinking about buying a small house in Stockholm that I can rent out when I travel. We’ll see how that goes.

Australia has been good in so many ways so I will probably get back and fulfill some project there, but for now Europe!


Anyway happy to be home, but super tired right now but it will pass. Just warmth 💗

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