Get deep get real

I know some of the things I write in the blog can sound drastic (but nobody actually cares lol) it’s just important for me to get real no matter what.

The truth shall set you free and it really does, but one has to sacrifice a lot of lies to understand the truth, life is about going through those cycles and reveal more truth every time. Maybe for eternity.

So I’m definately an advocate for love and I believe that God (Jesus) is the source of that love. If you experience pure love, even as an atheist, that is God exposing his nature.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about love though and to search for the true meaning of love is part of the truth that shall set you free. My search from now on is focused on that true love.


I understand why people live in hell here on Earth, that’s because of a lack of love. To spread love and light to the people around us is a way of reducing that hell.

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