Nobody actually cares

Yesterday (as a contrast to the love realizations I made the day before that) I realised that nobody actually cares.

If we’d truly care about eachother we’d spend time with eachother and show love all the time without any excuses, but we don’t actually care that much.

As a Christian one should be desperate not to let anybody live in or go to hell, but we’re not that desperate, in fact we have just as many excuses not to help people like the next.

And frankly if God actually cared so much about people not going to hell he would stop it, because He’s the Creative God, He can find a way. But He obviously doesn’t care that much as it happens and we as his so called image can’t care more than he does.

I got depressed at first but then it was a kind of relief, realising that nobody actually cares, because that means it’s not just me being rejected. I don’t know where this leaves me though, but a friend asked me a good question: How should people act to show that they actually care?

My answer was to want to be with eachother every day, or atleast give a call every day, and it made me wonder about who I would like to be with every day. The answer was quite surprising and I have to do something about it for sure.

Another friend mentioned a book that he’d read, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, that explains five different ways to express love that people find important for them.

1. Words Of Affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Recieving Gifts
4. Acts of Service
5. Physical Touch

This means that people would answer the question differently (what does love mean for you?) and quality time is the most important for me. Quality time with people I actually want to be with.


I’m escaping Burleigh to travel with two “brothers in Christ” down to Sydney, I just wanna get away (break from the break lol) but honestly I’m tired of the so called church. I just wanna hang out with people I actually care about.

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