God cares about love

So to continue on my last post, if God doesn’t really care about people (because he let some of us go to hell) what does He actually care about?

Love, he cares about love, and he cares about people that cares about love. If someone doesn’t care about love but cares more about evil, that’s his own death.

I understand why God would protect love, as it is the most precious thing that exist, and if someone doesn’t share that view they can go off somewhere else. It doesn’t make God evil it just makes him protective about what’s most important.

So, no wonder nobody actually cares about other people (i.e. spend every second with someone they love) we’re wired to dig deeper and care about love. To care about eachother is to care about love, but it also means more than that.

All I know is that I have something to care about from now on, and that is love, by seeking for love and understand it more, by spreading it and grow in it every single moment. Love is what we’re made for.


We’re currently in Newcastle staying at a brothers house. It’s a relief that nobody actually cares, and it’s exciting to focus on love.

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