Love is spiritual

I’m trying to make daily updates on the blog but it’s a habit I’m still adjusting to, I have some good news though.

This Monday I woke up at 05.30 and went to the beach, while walking on the beach I realised that this is a new beginning.

Basically the day before that I had a profound realisation about love, and that is that love is spiritual. Love is more than physical or emotional, it’s something deeper and eternal.

Jesus talked a lot about the Kingdom of God and how that was a spiritual place right here on Earth, in fact it is within us. I made some more research about the kingdom of God and realised that I’m not dependent on the physical world anymore, the best things in life are spiritual.

This realisation helped me let go of heavy feelings like not being close to loved ones or being rejected as a child by losing the presence of my parents. It doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is the love inside of us.

On top of all that I was given this lecture by God through youtube, it was just right on time. Jonathan Welton, one of my favourites, explains how Jesus actually gave a new command which is to love one another as He loved us.

I’m inspired to love on a new level and look forward to more love, true love, and to further enter the kingdom of God.


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