Overcoming negativity

This has been a pretty negative day overall.

First of all I got my period and felt all heavy and bloated, second of all my friend is complaining about her work situation which is kind of affective.

It all made me feel numb and I’ve definately been overeating today, despite feeling no hunger whatsoever because of my period.

In the end of the day I felt allergic to all of the negativity and really wanted to focus on the positive part, but it also made me think deeper about a few stuff that I need to change in life.

Life has to be focused on love, and I have to focus more on loving the people around me. The trust part comes well in hand because it keeps me calm and give people the space to just be.

So this heavy day turned into something positive afterall, and I feel inspired to overcome and get deeper/ligther if that makes sense.


This was the highlight of the day, wonderful lunch made by Luana. 👌 Talking to my grandfather on his 88 birthday was pretty cool too, wish I was there.

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