When inspiration turn into ideas

Sometimes it can take months, maybe even years, before inspiration turn into your own ideas.

I’ve had lots of inspiration the last year including Ingmar Bergman movies and a collection of poems from a Norwegian girl I met in Sydney.

Now that we have a group of collaborating actors here in Queensland we’ve been trying to come up with simple ideas that we could shoot easily. I knew that I had something going on and it finally came out yesterday.

I wanna make simple and short scenes with deep conversations between two people. I’ve already written down a few dialogues. Now I just have to meet up with this group and see what happens.

Inspiration leads to ideas which leads to action, it is up to us to honour that process. I was inspired to see a Canadian couple win gold in pair skating. I then saw another ice skater on tv, and it was as if she didn’t take herself seriously enough so she missed a lot of moves.

If we love our art we need to take it seriously, but we can only do that if we see the importance of it. I wish that I’d taken my art more seriously way earlier but I just didn’t have that upbringing.

In fact, we need to take everything around us pretty seriously, because this world always has a path down to destruction. One thing I’ve decided is to only involve myself with people that want to speak the truth, I have no tolerance whatsoever towards lies anymore.


This painting of Misty Copeland has been a big inspiration of mine lately. I love when sports and art meet (as in iceskating) hopefully I can improve in both as I get older.

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