Inner bliss

It’s easy to become too obsessed by ideas and be carried away in everything that could and should be done.

In the beginning of this year I decided that trust and truth would be my focus, especially trust. Lately I’ve focused a lot on truth, art and inspiration but it’s time to focus on trust again.

So I’m shifting my consciousness towards trust, even that takes hard work and hours of intention. It’s so easy to get sidetracked or fall back to old habits which in my case is to stress out.

With that said I’m super thankful for all the fruit and inspiration lately, it’s been a bliss to see new colours in new light, but trust is my number goal for this year. Just peace and inner bliss.

When I focus on trust is like going through layers and layers of fear and negative thoughts before I can land in a state of peace. We hear so many fear based news every day, plus the negative thoughts from all kinds of sources, the inner peace lies beyond those things.

God is the reason I can trust in the first place, my personal experiences of Him has always been intense love, passion and peace. With His help I can get to a state of inner bliss.


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