New Zealand booked

We have to leave the apartment because of a sports event here end of March, so I decided to book a ticket to New Zealand because I really want to discover the nature there.

I will go to Queenstown on the 2nd of April and have 3 weeks to get around Mount Aspiring and hopefully down to Fiordland National Park.

I’ve been craving the mountains lately and I really want to get lost in nature for a longer period of time, it’s the best way I’ve found so far to strenghten my spirit.

Meanwhile I’m still working to get my routine together here in Burleigh and in March I should be able to have it together so that I know what to do when I’m back from NZ.

Today I’ve been hanging out with Sophie, a Swedish girl I met when I first visited Gold Coast, and then I went to Bounce for some trampoline fun! I went with my bike and the rain was pouring so it was a bit of a mess.

Tomorrow I’m off to Brisbane to meet up with a few actor friends and do some work. Hopefully I’ll get to have a nice dinner with my sis Luana!


Should probably get myself a camera and take some nice pics! And have my nails done. 🎥💅😂

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