One thing I’ve learned about rejection is that when you feel rejected you usually reject, and don’t necessarily see when people are trying to be nice.

There are bad people out there yes, but sometimes the bad has a tendency to take over and we can’t see the nice person who is right next to it.

People make so many nice gestures every day, people are actually trying to be nice, and if we can see that instead of all the bad shit that is happening around us we will feel more gratitude and the love will grow. It’s all about focus.

I don’t know why bad stuff, trauma or terrible memories has a tendency to take over. Maybe it has something to teach us and unless we resolve it we cannot move forward. All I know is that there are good things worth focusing on.

We are so dependent on our parents growing up. If we’ve had a bad experience with our parents we might think that everyone else is the same, but they’re not, and hopefully we can open our eyes to see that.

More so, we need to speak the truth to eachother because it helps resolve the pain. If we keep our hurts to ourselves we think we’re alone in the struggle, but as soon as we share it we notice a lot of people are going through similar things.

The best way is to talk our hearts out, relate, and change our perspective towards the good. We get what we see, if we see liars we get liars. If we project our bad experiences unto every person we cannot see what that person is actually about. The truth is all about revealing those lies, and it starts with empathy.


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