A few questions answered

Do I miss my family?

Yes, I especially miss my grandparents in Sweden, my grandfather turns 88 this weekend and I wish I was there. But I’ve been suffering a lot of rejection in my family and it’s been really healthy to be here in Oz to get perspective and resolve some inner troubles, and I’m not finished yet. I’ve been traveling a lot before, but this time I choose to live in another country far away from everyone. It has been very healthy for me, hopefully I can come back whole and eventually start my own family. I already know the name of my future daughter hehe.

What do you hope for will happen in Oz?

I hope to develope my inner life, get enough work so that I don’t need to depend on my savings, develope as an artist and athlete and find nice people to hang out with on a daily basis.

What about the future?

Well, I don’t know if I will ever find this one place to live but I dream of visiting Vanuatu or any other Pacific island and I also dream of living in France one day. I really want to learn French! It would also be nice to do more missionary work. I hope to develope as an artist, and eventually have my own family.

What are you gonna do today?

Right now I’m gonna take a run on the beach, then meet up with some friends and tonight hopefully gym class again. Tomorrow I’m off to Brisbane for some work!


Facemask before beachrun hehe.

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