More routines

Last week I was all about biking around on my new bike, this week I like to start the day by a run on the beach, next week it might be focused on surfing.

I start every Monday with ballet class and at night I meet with a housechurch. On Wednesday and Thursday nights I have gymnastics class, although I missed both classes last week. One of them got cancelled, but shit happens and I went on a bikeride instead.

I’ve been working twice the last few weeks (commercial jobs) and hope for more. I spend every weekend in Brisbane. From this week on I’m gonna meet up with a few actors every Friday to work on homemade short movies, Saturdays are dedicated to the passion play for another month and Sundays are usually spent with Luana and other friends.

On Sunday nights I’m back in Burleigh and here I can spend my time exercising, enjoying nature and get engaged in church from Monday to Thursday. It’s a pretty good routine that I’m growing into while trusting that I will have everything I need eventually, including a decent income.

I probably spend 500 AUD each week here that I need to cover and so far I’ve only earned half of that. Luckily I have some savings that I live on for now. Slowly things are getting more smoothly and I can find a routine, but it takes time.


I’m also trying to eat healthy which is getting better and better, just have to get rid of my sugar/chocolate cravings!

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