Good timing

One of the things I’ve been focusing on lately (inspired by Bréne Brown) is to convince myself that I’m good enough.

The ideal is to get that self confidence and inner peace from loving parents from a young age, but if you like me have experienced a lot of rejection this might be a huge issue.

Never feeling good enough, always feeling that you have to be more or attain more. To convince myself that I’m good enough keeps me from pushing myself too hard and usually things get resolved without me worrying about it.

One thing I’ve been worrying about is how to get headshots for my new agent, hiring a photographer is super expensive. Suddenly a friend offers me to borrow his camera for a whole week and that will give me plenty of opportunity to take good shots.

There’s a lot of examples like that which has taught me to just relax and not worry, good things will come to me if I stop worrying about it and try to change things all the time including myself.


On my way to meet up with some brothers in Christ. I just happen to arrive right in time for one of them to pick me up at the station. Good timing.

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