You get what you ask for

Today I had an interesting discussion with my roomate about consciousness, we could almost agree on how everything your consciousness focus on grows. It’s a powerful tool.

So I said I wanted rich art (words are a product of what your consciousness focus on) and just like that my friend sent me some classical music and I danced ballet at home. Unfortunately I missed ballet class today but still feel inspired from last week!

Besides that I feel really eager to find a mountain and hike for like 3 days again. Last time in Italy was magical, I wanna do it again. I might do it here or visit New Zeeland.

I’m pretty satisfied with life here in Burleigh but I need to get away and strengthen my peace and spirit in a way that only a mountain can do. So that’s my new wish then!

Tomorrow I’m probably gonna surf, there’s a few surfboards in the building to borrow. But tonight I’m meeting up with my new housechurch here, a missionary brother from Sweden is talking there today. Pretty convenient cuz I’m eager to do some missionary work again so might get inspired.


I also dream of family. Luana is my family here but she lives in Brisbane, we meet every weekend. 😁💖

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