Sophisticated art

Even life in Australia is up and down!

Sometimes it feels meaningful being here and sometimes less meaningful. For some reason I miss the cultural essence of Europe a lot! I dream about France and sophisticated art which is weird because I’ve never had that craving before.

Last year I went to Torino to visit my aunt and hike the mountains in Gran Paradiso. While in Torino I visited the Museum of Cinema there and when a huge poster of an Ingmar Bergman movie was the entry I realised that I had to see his movies.

So I binged-watched a few of them, was amazed, and my taste for film has never been the same ever since. What I love about his work is how close he comes to the human essence and privacy of the most existential feelings.

Since then I’ve had a clearer picture of what I want to do as an artist, and moving to Australia was a step towards that goal along with a few other things. I think this is an important step ahead but I’m not sure for how long, it all depends. I miss Europe, but I will do my best do practice the will of God first and foremost.

I do enjoy the passion play we’re rehearsing now, even though it’s pretty much amateur theatre. I’ve met a group of people who seem serious about doing short films and sketches. It might lead to something. Meanwhile I’m motivated to start listening to some more classical music, what’s happening to me?

Well I know, I went to a karaoke bar with some friends this other day and it became very clear to me which music had singing quality (like Scarborough fair) and not. I’ve wanted to take opera singing classes since my visit to New York a year ago, I wonder when that will happen. So many things on my list.

Besides that I keep practicing truth and one of the wonderful things Jordan Peterson says is that you will make mistakes trying to speak the truth, and people will let you know when you do, but that will only teach you how to articulate the truth better and in a few years you’re flowing. It’s like learning a new language.


Had a great weekend with my friends in Brisbane. Tomorrow I look forward to ballet class and church. Hopefully this week I’ll find a surfboard!

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