A post about truth

One of the reasons I love Jordan Peterson is because he’s made it obvious to me why it is important to speak the truth.

He defines Jesus as Logos – the spoken truth – and that western civilisation is built on it, therefore the freedom of speech.

Thanks to this insight I’m grateful to have grown up in a country with freedom of speech and I truly appreciate being in a country like Australia with the same standards.

Nothing that we live today in a modern society can be taken for granted. It’s a miracle we can live in such peace when most countries are struggling with war, famine or corrupt leaders.

Christianity obviously has something to do with modern democracies, and that’s because Jesus has been the archetype of such societies for ages.

The Kingdom of God is like sourdough, it’s growing slowly and shows us what life can be like when everything is in peace, and we can only obtain it by speaking the truth.

It’s become clear to me that the reason things have gone wrong in the past is because of lies. Sometimes it’s easier to live a lie than to face the truth, we prefer to be ignorant than awake for various reasons.

I don’t wanna live a lie, I want to live in truth and be aware of what’s important in every given moment. I’m currently practicing to constantly stay aware of my truth, whether it’s about me expressing something or making decisions, I want it all to be based on truth.

The truth shall set you free, and if you work that out as an individual you will also contribute to the people around you.

Eventually, you will have contributed to a better society that future generations can be thankful for. More so, you will have accomplished the will of God.

It’s not easy to know the truth, it can be quite difficult to go through all of the mental lies we usually build up for ourselves. With a little bit of work and focus though that too can be resolved, it’s all about priorities.


Truthfully, Burleigh Heads is a pretty good spot.


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