Things are poppin’ here in Oz! I almost can’t believe it.

Everything is just coming together beautifully, everything is poppin’. I got a new amazing bike, and my gym and ballet class is not far away. Not to mention the surfbeach right across the street.

I have an agent who hands me acting jobs and today I found another dreamjob I just have to catch! Not far from here there is a Bounce – trampoline center – and I just have to work there!

My sis in Sweden works on Bounce there and she loves it, and I know I would to. I just love jumping haha, for real.

So tomorrow I’m gonna go there and just try to get a job lol. If I fail I always have the beach to go to and try something new.

I’ve applied to a bunch of interesting acting jobs on starnow too, anything can happen.

The best thing is that I’ve met three guys that would love to make their own short movies too, and we all want to collaborate, so cool!

Just sayin’, things are poppin’ my way and I’m loving it.



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