Building it up

I’m finally in my new home in Burleigh and I really love it here.

It’s gonna be a short week here though because tomorrow I’m back to Brisbane for a job (gonna participate in a commercial woho) and will stay until Sunday because we’re invited to this party on Friday and on Saturday I have rehearsals for the passion play.

On Sunday I’m back here again to continue to build my new life. I was mostly nervous about the gymnastics club I want to attend, that it wouldn’t be good enough, but that coach man – he made me do a back handspring in twenty minutes! It was amazing.

I also look forward to ballet class on Mondays followed by a housechurch meeting I’ve found here. I met the woman that leads it for lunch and we definately hit it off. I have another perspective on church these days intellectually, but it’s always nice to meet people that can relate to the spiritual side of things.

And then there’s of course the surfboard, which I haven’t got yet, but the way I got my new bike yesterday was a miraclework so it’s just a matter of time. Everything here in Oz has a way of getting solved and I’m just amazed by it, people are super polite and friendly.

I did have a bad experience this weekend though, a workshop I went to that was a waste of time and money, but I got something good of that too. I learned how important it is to focus on the stuff you truly care about, because if you care everybody watching is gonna care.

I also realised that when a past event keeps coming up in your head there’s something unresolved to deal with, and that led to a huge resolving conversation with my mother. We’ve pretty much misunderstood eachother for 20 years, and we finally managed to bring that up and make things clear. I was obviously sad about it for a while, about the wasted time, but in the end of the day it was a huge relief.

When we don’t know what to focus on the mind, or our subconscious, has a way of telling us what we should care about. The truth is always there to be revealed. The difficult part is to stay true to that truth because we have so many things that can block it, like pride, shame, guilt and fear.

With that said I’m super happy I went to Australia, this trip has already given me some perspective about my past and I can make new clear decisions about my future. Nothing is perfect but to focus on what you love brings meaning, and to collaborate with God gives meaning. Difficulties come and go but the growth continues.

I do have a feeling I need to start writing my own stories soon, I’m not sure the current acting industry will be able to give me what I want. I want to write a story about rejection and truth that people can relate to, and then try to make a short movie about it or something. I just need to settle in my new place, give it a month, and then I will try to get started.


My new home.

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