All set!

Everything sort of happened at once today here in Brisbane.

I found a room to rent in Burleigh Heads, right by the beach just the way I wanted to, and I will move in there on Monday. I also signed with an agent today, he simply believed in me and it’s gonna be nice to get to the next level.

Next on the list is to get new headshots and take a casting workshop, and I should be all set to work! I also hope to find other professional actors and filmmakers that want to make showreels and shortfilms and such to improve our portfolio together.

Now I just need to get myself a bike and a surfboard, plus start taking the adult gymnastics and ballet classes in the area. Looking forward to getting back to an active lifestyle! There’s also a group of Christ believers in the area I look forward to meet with, not to mention the first rehearsal of The Passion play on Saturday!

Stoked. On Monday I’ll have a beachview instead of this wonderful park.

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