The Passion Play

I’m back in Brisbane after one week in Gold coast and Byron Bay.

I have a meeting here in Brisbane with an agency on Wednesday, and on Saturday I’m gonna have my first rehearsal for no less than The Passion Play! It’s just a small part, playing a random jew, but I’m just so happy to participate in something so historical theatre-wise.

The Passion Play has been played for centuries and is a big part of theatre history. It’s basically about the last days of Jesus life until his trial and is usually played at Eastern.

This play is different though, it’s a theatre community that organizes it on a huge stage and they have done so for over 25 years. Last year they had an audience of 2800 people! I’m excited to take a part of this because I’ll get involved with a local community in a small city outside of Brisbane.

It’s also gonna be a challenge to play one in the crowd, who are the ones making the final decision to crucify Jesus. I would most likely be one of them back then statistically speaking (the chance for anyone to be the hero is very small) so it’s a valuable lesson for sure.

Anyway, I’m excited about that and also about the meeting on Wednesday, finally things are happening. My plan is still to find a place to rent in Burleigh, Gold coast, but I will have to spend my weekends in Brisbane anyway.


Byron Bay was amazing cuz I got to see like a dozen dolphins jumping in the waves among the surfers. That was truly magical.

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