Gold coast

When I arrived to the Gold coast I knew this was a place I could see myself live long term, especially after I found Burleigh away from the tall buildings.

The water is clear and here I could do everything I dreamed of before I came here; surfing, adult gymnastics and adult ballet. If I find some acting gigs that would be great too.

A few things need to fall in place before I make a final decision, meanwhile I’m probably gonna visit Byron Bay this weekend. There’s also a project down in Melbourne I’m interested in, but we’ll see how it all goes.

I love this talk with Jordan Peterson and Michael Shermer, and how deeply they talk about the Kingdom of God. Starting at 21.30 I was reminded of how Jesus said that ‘the Kingdom of God is within us’.

In this talk starting at 8.20, Jordan Peterson mentions Carl Jungs concept of the Shadow, a kind of equivalent to sin, and how that Shadow is in all of us and reaches all the way down to hell.

He also points out how we have to come in terms with the Shadow rather than ignoring it, and I guess that’s equivalent to when Jesus said ‘repent from your sins’. I love getting a scientific angle of the Gospel, that’s why I’m obsessed with JP in the first place.



No place is perfect but this is as good as it gets for now 🙂

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