Off to Brisbane

My course in Newcastle finished yesterday and I’m on my way to Brisbane.

Somehow the course wasn’t at all what I expected, but there was a lot of improvisation which is always fun. Newcastle “actingwise” is probably too small for me though, but I’ve also realised that it depends on the people I meet, so I’m just gonna continue to take courses in different places until I meet people to work with somehow.

Well, you never know and I’ve decided to just trust, take it easy and enjoy myself. I’m in Australia after all. It was fun to hang out at the hostel in Newcastle and meet other backpackers, I got to surf and explore the city with a bike there.

After Brisbane I’ll probably go back to Sydney to try my luck there again, this time aware of the busyness. But like I said, I’m just trusting in God and enjoying myself. I feel compelled to act out some truth through acting, for some reason, but I don’t know what that means so I’m just trusting the process and going with the flow.

It’s also been an emotional restart where I’ve realised that stressing out in the past has made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin, almost like I want to break out from myself. But living on trust calms me down and I gradually feel more comfortable in my own skin and accept my situation as it is.

A few pics from the acting course this weekend. Besides that I also hope to train some gymnastics soon, I’ve missed it so much! It totally makes sense to chase after what you love, but God is my fortress forever, so happy about that!

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