So interesting!

What a great weekend, I finished my first course at NIDA and got to have dinner with the Hillsong girls Saturday night.

The course started somewhat tricky but ended up pushing me in the right direction. It was cool to jump in to the mind of a director because I realised how hard it is and how much of an actor I actually am – it’s just my natural mindset within these settings.

What I realised is how important the intellect is in order to develope as an actor, and how useful my psychology studies with Jordan Peterson has been. After class today I saw this video about integrating good ideas within our whole being for it to become truthful and that’s what I want to do as an actress. I want to believe in the story I’m portraying and its idea to the point where I integrate it to my character.

With that said the next step is to take an acting course, because that’s the part of the work I love the most for sure, but it was good to understand the directors job better because I do want to control which stories I work with and if I find the right people to work with I would know how to get into that process.

So my next course is in Brisbane next week, but before that I have a few days left in lovely Whale beach and on Thursday I’m off to the Gold Coast. Lots of people have recommended Newcastle so I look forward to discovering it after Brisbane.

Whale beach has been a blessing visually, so many beautiful parrots here actually!

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