Make it happen

Funny when you feel like giving up hope but know that God has a plan for you, I guess that’s why it’s called ‘wrestling with God’, it’s a lifetime struggle with ups and downs.

I knew Aussie was gonna be a bit of a trick trying to find a good place to settle. I’ve pretty much excluded Sydney since it’s way too busy. Right now I’m considering Newcastle for my day to day life with random visits to other cities for NIDA courses.

The woman I stay with in Whale beach recommended Newcastle as an artistic city, and I found a place to live by a chill surfbeach called Redhead. It’s right outside the city and close to gyms with adult gymnastics classes which is exacly what I’m looking for.

The goal there is to get to know people who works with interesting projects and get some kind of job. Everything is about the people you’re surrounded by so I would pray hard to find some good ones! Then I would pay occasional visits to other cities to attend NIDA courses.

But before all that I’m paying a visit to the Gold coast and a friend in Brisbane where I’ll also take a NIDA acting course. Then I will probably come back to Sydney for another course before I discover Newcastle. Sounds like I keep changing plans but I’m just getting it all sorted.

Meanwhile I can truly recommend this interview with Jordan Peterson about some of his work with the Bible, I can’t speak enough about how much this man has inspired me lately! He makes the biblical stories sound more interesting than ever, which deepens my fascination for God even further.


But right now I’m on my way to central Sydney for my first course at NIDA – Directing Essentials – looking forward to it!

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