Changing plans

After two weeks in Sydney I’ve realised that I need to change my plans a bit.

First of all Sydney is much bigger and more hectic that I’d imagined. I was hoping to find a rather calm place by a surfbeach right outside the city but that seems rather difficult.

The place I stay at now (through Workaway) is around two hours from the city. It’s a beautiful place and the couple I stay with are amazing travelers who I can learn a lot from. They suggested Manly beach as a good surfbeach closer to the city so I’m looking for a room to rent there instead of continuing with Workaway which was my initial plan.

I need to stay close to the city so that I can attend acting and gymnastics classes which is one of the reasons I came here. However I would still like to be in a calmer place so I’ve decided to discover the Gold coast next week, because there I could practice surfing and gymnastics while commuting to Brisbane for acting courses now and then. I don’t know if it’s a better alternative but I’ll discover it.

So right now it’s between moving up the coast or finding a place at Manly beach, I will look at a few apartments in Manly this weekend and fly to the Gold coast on Thursday followed by Brisbane to attend a NIDA course there. Another thing is that the climate is warmer up the coast which I prefer, but we’ll see what God’s plan is which matters the most in the end of the day.

I knew it would take some time to find my place here in Australia and align myself to God’s will here. I’m super thankful for the Hillsong girls I stayed with the first week, I made some great friendship, such a blessing! It would be a shame to be far away from them, but God knows.

I’m currently spending my days painting walls and getting to know the area around Whale beach, but I really look forward to my first course at NIDA in Sydney this weekend! The Hillsong girls I stayed with inspired me to make a short film about rejection, and I pray that I will find more driven people to collaborate with!


Together with finding a place to rent I also need to look for a job. Hopefully I get to work with kids since that has been my main profession for the last 10 years, but we’ll see!

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