Trust & truth 2018

Some people wake up safe and happy knowing that they have people around them that loves and support them. Some people do not have that luxury, but I want to wake up each and every day feeling loved and cared for by God.

We’re all supposed to feel loved and cared for by God, but for various reasons we might not have that trust in Him. I want to know him enough to be able to feel loved and in peace in the same way a child with good parents does.

So that’s my goal for 2018, to grow into that peace and security knowing that I’m loved and cared for by God. I also want to be better at speaking my truth, especially after I saw this video with no less than Jordan Peterson where he explains how not speaking your truth corrupts your soul.

I’ve been struggling with being far away from my family, but I’ve settled with the fact that I can always move to my family in Brazil because there I’m always surrounded by lots of people and love. The reason I don’t live there now is because I feel that I have other things to do besides being comfortable with my family. Therefore I want to be surrounded by God’s love first and foremost.


It’s an adventure to say the least!

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