Finally in Sydney!

The last day in the Philippines I actually found what I was looking for, which is an essence of peace and love that I was inspired to explore because of a filipina surfer I like. She really loves her home and I wanted to explore that feeling, which led me to know a little bit more what I’m looking for.

Then ofcourse I looked forward to Sydney and I’m lucky enough to live with a few college students from Hillsong this first week, thanks to a friend from my old job in Malmö. It’s nice to get to know some people who’s gonna live here long term too. This morning we went to see the sunrise which felt like a good start of a new beginning, but it was a lot colder than I had expected.

I haven’t even started yet and I already think about what I’m gonna do after Australia, which doesn’t even make sense but that’s how my brain works. Maybe I could move to California or Hawaii, anywhere when I can continue to practice gymnastics, acting and surfing in one place. With that said I don’t even know what God’s plan is for me here, I just know he wanted me to go to Australia.

I look forward to start working in a week and start my super routine. When it comes to acting I realise that I’m after finding the right type of stories to work with. I love how Jordan Peterson explains how good stories explore a question rather than to justify a predetermined answer in this video, that says a lot already!

Another thing I’ve started with lately is mental health counseling online through Faithful Counseling. I’ve been given a psychologist that I can write to as much as I want whenever I like, which suits me perfectly because I love to write and I need to resolve some past issues still, and she actually answers pretty fast every time so the concept is working. I really want to reach my goals from now on and therapy is something I’ve always wanted to do.

With that said I hope that I can find some kind of home essence here in Sydney too, of the same kind that I found a small dose of in the Philippines, because it wouldn’t make any sense to stick around here if I didn’t find it inspiring. Time will show, and I will try my best. For now I’m just excited about hanging around all these wonderful Hillsong people, grateful about the sunrise with Ashlei this morning!

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