Start fresh

After one month in the Philippines I’m finally getting ready for Australia! And honestly I haven’t done much here except for surfing, eating and hanging out with new found friends. It’s been very chill to say the least!

Australia is probably gonna be different since I’m gonna work, study and have a routine. It might take a while before I get into the type of schedule I’ve planned but I’ll get there eventually.

My plan is to surf in the morning followed by 5 hours of work in a permaculture garden. After work I plan to take gymnastics classes at least 3 days a week. If I wont be able to do gymnastics I’ll probably surf, study or chill.

During the weekends I’m gonna take acting classes at NIDA. I’ve just recieved a preparation for the first class Directing Essentials starting January 6. Some weekends I might do something else instead, but basically I really look forward to developing as an actress. Mostly I just look forward to doing what I love more.

Through Workaway I get to eat and sleep for free, and working in a garden is a way to stay connected to nature, but basically it’s about getting to know the area and its locals and eventually find a place to rent so that I can do my own thing more.

I have 3 more days in Manila to just chill and prepare for Sydney, where it looks like a friend of mine have found a place for me to stay the first week before I start working. With that said I’m super thankful for my time in the Philippines, it’s been super blessed.


Current prayer:

Take away every inch of bitterness I have in my heart. Getting closer to God means getting closer to love and further away from all the evil, because evil is the absence of God. Fill my heart with hope, peace, love and joy. Help me to let go and start fresh!

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