New vibes

I’m currently in the Philippines and just started to like it here after exacly one week.

It’s been hard to understand the social codes here but I’m finally getting in touch with some local people and that’s what matters to me.

My goal in Baler, where I’m currently at, is to surf so I’ve started to hang out with some surf people. I live at a place right by the beach and I’ve found a board to rent. The first day of surfing didn’t go that well, which it never does for me the first day, but I’ll eventually start to understand the waves and grow into it.

Besides that I’m really happy I met with Asia back in Coron and we still chat about our adventures. She’s currently in an undiscovered island called Mararison island in Panay and she loves it. She lives with a local family and says there’s a lot of poverty, so she feels like she can contribute which is the best feeling.

Asia also inspired me to eat healthy again, and arriving in Baler with the whole surf vibe I’ve realised how important it is for me. Being with people who are healthy is refreshing, and I also want to inspire the people around me to be healthy cuz it’s so awesome!

So my goal is to surf and maybe visit the mountains with a friend before I fly to Australia. My friend Samuel from Sweden is landing in Manila on Sunday for missionary work so we might meet up too.

I’ve honestly had some difficult days but God keeps showing me it’s all under control and that everything will turn out just fine, even though it doesn’t seem so at times.


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