We have a dream

This Thursday I went to Jönköpings länsmuseum (an art museum) with my grandmother. There was an exhibition called We have a dream about individuals who contributes to human rights in various and extreme ways.

There was a lot of hardcore stories about people who’d been oppressed in various ways, mostly because they were women or black men. My grandmother said something that was spot on: It’s unbelievable what people are able to survive and overcome. It’s absolutely incredible indeed, and it made me realise what insane sacrifices people are making for rights that I’ve been lucky enough to have my whole life.

I feel responsible to use the amount of freedom that I’ve been blessed with to help other people out of their oppression. I’ve experienced oppression too though, and I’ve realised that the biggest oppression in my life has been towards my creativity, and I’ve also realised that this is something a lot of people are suffering from.

My grandfather for example worked as an engineer his whole life, but was more passionate about architecture and art. To be creative is not as prestigious as being systematic, unless you succeed of course, and that’s why Jordan Peterson says that being creative is hard. Society makes it hard for you and creative people get depressive if they cannot live out their creativity.

I’ve therefore decided, once again, that creativity is gonna be my cardiac question or heartquestion as we sayin Swedish. I’ve already worked with kids creativity and lived out some creativity myself, and I’m eager to work for creativity in the society as a whole. Creative people and artists come with the ideas which keeps capitalism alive, so it should be relevant to everyone.

If it wasn’t for creative people and entrepreneurs there wouldn’t be businesses to start with, we need eachothers skills and we especially need the first lead in the chain – the ideas! I have a lot more to learn about the topic but it’s gonna be something to focus on from now on.

I’m currently in Dubai and I do love traveling and to meet people who are more like me. I’ve met up with my brother in Christ here, Elvis, whom I haven’t met in years. Tomorrow I’m flying to the Philippines and look forward to a whole month there before I’m off to Australia.

Cliché picture of Dubai…
If you fail with Plan A don’t forget there’s another 27 letters. From Jönköpings länsmuseum.

I know this is gonna be a great trip, and that dreams will come true!

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