Friendship & future

It’s been an intense week preparing for my travels, and I feel sad about leaving some people behind.

Yesterday I was at a birthday party in Copenhagen with lots of new and interesting people, one of them was from Australia and he’s like the 5th person lately that recommends Sydney over any other city in Australia. I look forward to my year there.

Traveling across the globe also means being far away from people that I love, and Gaby is one of them. She’s the only one that has helped me to organize and get rid of my stuff in the apartment. We’ve been through a lot but somehow she’s always here when I most need it and that’s priceless.

I also had dinner with my newfound friend Elihn this week, I first met her at the recording of the short movie God Ton this spring and we became good friends. Her personality is such an inspiration to me and she’s such a good listener, and she actually wanted me to answer some questions here in the blog:

My plans for the future?
Move to Australia and develope as an actress, gymnast and surfer there. I’m also gonna work with plantation which is a great opportunity for me to develope my love for simple living in nature! I hope to start making movie roles that I love, to be able to tumble and jump super high and become confident as a surfer. I also hope to grow a family in nature during this time which leads me to the next question:

Your future children and their religion?
First of all I already have a girls name, but I hope to get twins lol, who doesn’t. I look forward to having children because I love kids and have worked with kids for 10 years, and I believe that I would be a present and playful mother. When it comes to religion I’m just gonna tell them about my life experiences including the ones with God. I’m not a traditional Christian that goes to church every Sunday, but I have my values that I hope to pass on by being an example. In general I hope to be an example rather than forcing my kids to do stuff.

Where do I want to live in the future?
Well, Australia seems like a nice place but pretty much wherever I’m surrounded by a loving family and community that helps eachother out wholeheartedly.

What do you dream about?
I dream about making great movies that people can relate to and be inspired by. I dream about empowering people and spreading Light by being an example. I dream about a big and authentic family life. I dream about warm beaches, lots of fun adventures and to grow old with lots of love for God. I dream about being an old lady who cannot stop laughing.

Where do I want to get with the acting?
I always loved acting, but it isn’t until recently that I’ve realised what the big WHY is, and that has a lot to do with Ingmar Bergman. I’ve never been truly inspired by a movie until I saw his, because his movies is the only ones where I’ve been able to genuinely relate to the characters.

To relate to a character is empowering in so many ways, it makes us understand that we’re all alike in our basic needs and that the solution to those needs is pretty much the same for everyone. I want to be a part of stories/filmmaking that people can relate to and that inspires people to the better good.


I also dream about singing, dancing and to change the school system one day, but this is it for now, I still have some packing to do before I call it a day. I’d also like to pray for some friends and family members that I’ll leave behind. I cannot control everything but I know God does and I want him to bless us all.

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