Lately I’ve been able to put more focus on my relationships and loving my next thanks to psychological changes and how I think about people.

I’ve always been outgoing and somewhat interested in people, but I’ve also been treated like sh*t at times which has left me skeptic of people in general.

Lately, as I’ve studied psychology and learned how to read peoples underlying needs and drop my judgements, it’s been easier to cope with people and my fear of being hurt has gone.

This has made me more interested about my next, and being interested in people is the door to great relationships. Being deeply interested in people without judging is next level, because without judgements it’s easier to see the diversity of a person.

I’ve been super thankful and excited about people again and look forward to just chat with my friends. It’s a blessing to feel like this again, lik a kid! With that said I feel that I’ve grasped the most important commandments more (to love God and my next as myself) which everything has to flow from.


I’m obsessed about Ingmar Bergmans work and saw an interview with him, he said that he’s good at reading people and know how they feel – which he clearly can reflect in his movies. I’m learning so much from his work! The Kardashians is another thing that has inspired me these days, funny!

I really look forward to Australia now, it’s all I think about and hope for. Somehow I think that it will be a place for everything to come together, everything that I’ve built up in Sweden, Brazil and other places could come together perfectly in Australia. It’s all far away but God gave me Isaiah 54 when I got saved, after all!

I look forward to living by a surfbeach, to plant vegetables, to be able to exercise gymnastics and take acting classes at NIDA. I look forward to getting to know people professionally, and I also look forward to friendships, fellowship and even family.

I just want everything to come together, I want to work with people and spread light on an international level, I want to contribute to the community around me and I want a big family that’s always together supporting eachother.

Before Australia I’m gonna be in the Philippines for a month which is also nice, because I get to live simply for a while which is good for my health. The food in Sweden is too good to resist and I need to get back in balance.

Tonight I actually went for a workout with Revfitsweden here in Malmö and I love their concept. We basically exercise outdoors no matter how cold and we do exercises in pairs. It’s a great way to share the joy and spread it to the people that walk by. It’s inspired me to do something with this concept in the future, possibly based on gymnastics and dancing. Revfitsweden is based on martial arts which is cool too.


All you need is heart, the most important muscle!

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