Potential sacrifices

What is potential? We don’t exacly know, but it’s something we all think about and live by. We always see potential in another person or potential in our own lives and wish to obtain this invisible and abstract goal.

Dr Jordan Peterson talks a lot about potential and how we have to make sacrifices in order to reach our potential. This is pretty much in line with what Jesus says, although Jesus wants us to sacrifice our life for him, which is pretty intense!

For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.
Luke 9:24 NKJV

Why would you sacrifice your life for Jesus? I’ve been reflecting on that a lot lately, and yesterday I got an answer, because it has a lot to do with potential.

I think that parents look at their little children and dream about their potential as human beings, and how they can spread love and joy to others. Some parents even have expectations on their kids career choices or hobbies. I can still remember how my parents looked at me from when I was a kid with deep love, admiration and wonder.

As I grew older though lots of things happened, and in many ways I lost my potential by making the wrong choices, and I often felt misunderstood and that few people could understand what I actually was trying to express. I also felt that people were dissapointed at my choices because it wasn’t how they thought that I could reach my potential. Needless to say is that we probably have different views on what kind of potential a person has. Some people see an artist an others an excellent doctor for instance.

It’s hard to find people who can see your true potential and push you in the right direction, mainly because people have different ideas of what that potential is or don’t know how to get there. We are all limited in our perception of things and how to act on it.

Yesterday I was talking to a brother who usually understands me and my ideas, but we got into a discussion where he totally misunderstood my point of view and I felt limited by his interpretation of it. There was nothing wrong with the whole situation, it happens, but it made me realise and truly understand that God is the only one who can see our fullest potential.

He knows everything about everything, and for Him everything is possible. He knows what our greatest potential is and it might be different from our point of view. Jesus is one example, the Jews were expecting Messias to be a great king and warrior but Jesus was a humble man who died an humiliating death on the cross. People couldn’t understand it at first but as time went by it became the greatest sacrifice in human history.

We don’t know what our fullest potential is, we might have an idea of it, but God knows exacly what we’re capable of. If we collaborate with Him I believe that it’s possible to reach our highest potential, but then one has to make sacrifices.

Sacrifices are hard because we put our heart into a project, like building our own home or career, and then we might have to sacrifice all of that for something potentially better in the future which is a difficult choice to make because it’s risktaking.

I’ve found a buyer for my apartment now and I’ve been anxious thinking about all the hard work I’ve put to make things work here, with all its failures and successes. It’s hard to let go of something that you’ve put a lot of energy and money on, but I also know I feel limited here and need to move on to reach a higher potential. Sometimes we just need to sacrifice something good in order to find something better.


With God by my side I know it’s gonna work out in the long run, but it’s hard to let go, it’s hard to take a step into the unknown. What other choice do I have though, to stay comfortable? Nah, comfort doesn’t make me grow, there’s a higher calling waiting. Jesus wants me to sacrifice my ideas for his because he has a greater point of view than me.

Selling my apartment was a necessary sacrifice to make in order to move on to something greater, and we could always ask ourselves if there’s something holding us back and if there’s potential sacrifices necessary to take. Sometimes we might have the wrong ideas though so it’s always good to ask God, cuz He knows and wants to help you move towards your higher potential!

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