A good sport

One of the finest compliments I’ve recieved is “You’re a good sport!” and it happened to come from Rick Moranis of all people.

I was in New York having a coffee with a friend when two of his friends came by, one of them being Rick, and I had never heard the expression of someone being a good sport before but loved it and took it to my heart!

I grew up practicing and trying out all kinds of sports including skiing, dancing, basketball and soccer. After high school I went to Brazil and started surfing, which was the most difficult sport for me to practice thus far. Two years ago I started to practice gymnastics which I fell completely in love it, which is actually one of the reasons why I want to live in Australia lol. They happen to have lots of adult beginner classes there!

This year, in a lack of adult gymmastics classes here in Malmö, I did some ballet and fell more in love with that too. I’ve done a little bit of ballet before but never really loved it as I do now. Some of the jumps feels like flying which is the exact reason to why I love gymnastics, nailing a handspring or a vault definitely feels like flying!

The question is, what kind of athlete can I become at this age? Starting to practice any sport at the age of 25 isn’t exacly ideal or a quest for success. I was struggling with this thought even though I knew that it was about having fun.

Then I discovered the athlete and surfer Josie Prendergast earlier this year. What she represents to me has nothing to do with competitiveness but everything to do with bliss, peace, beauty, to have fun and enjoy nature. I was so inspired by her surfing that it made me understand why I’ve been struggling so much with my own surfing so far, I took it to seriously when it was all about having fun.

I was also inspired by Misty Copeland after reading her book Life in motion and learning more about her story. For me she represents true strength and resilience, trying to reach her goals no matter what, something I could use more of. Thanks to these inspiring athletes I’ve completely changed my perception regarding sports and why I want to be active in the first place. I used to be competitive and comparative, but now I’m inspired by what other athletes represent rather than what they accomplish.

I want to be a good sport, simple as that, and have fun with what I’m doing while spreading joy, bliss, peace, love and all of that to others. Sure I have more specific goals, I want to be able to tumble for instance, but what I represent while doing the sport feels more important to me now.

That’s why it’s so important to define our dreams instead of neglecting them, the end result might not be what we imagined at first, and we sure will make mistakes along the way, but working for a dream becomes a continuum of it and maybe even a better version of it suited for your own skin. That’s why I liked the end scene in the movie March comes like a lion. Let yourself be inspired by others but find your own way to contribute!

“In a world inhabited by only those who pick themselves up and forge ahead no matter how many times they fall.
An endless wandering.
I get it now, the answer shouldn’t be sought in someone’s profile.
I have to seek for the answer within myself in the storm.”


With Jesus in the middle I always have something more to express and a specific meaning of life, but we’re basically the same where we either take our dreams seriously, believing that there is fruit to it, or we choose to believe that it’s nonsense because we can’t see the diversity of it. One dream can mean a million different things and when you start to examine it you’ll see that there’s more to it. It’s usually something beautiful, but never what you thought it could be, but more.

Traveling around for quite a bit I’ve noticed that very poor people rarely have a dream, maybe because they’ve struggled a lot and never had the chance to be hopeful about the future. To dream and create a vision is for the fortunate ones, but it’s also something anyone can do if they get encouraged enough. I see it as a blessing from God to be able to dream, set goals and plan a better future even though it will change and be redefined with time. It’s all about improving somehow and we should always strive for improvement.


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