Getting back to Sweden ment getting back to action.

As soon as I got to the apartment I met with my wonderful neighbour Eva who’s been taking care of my apartment, she even gave me a welcome card which was so nice of her. That was the second card I received that day, the first one was a thank you card from Carol back in Ireland, grateful!

Afterwards a real estate agent came by because I’m probably gonna sell my apartment before heading to the Philippines. After that I went straight to ballet class which was awesome, some of the jumps feels like flying and I want to fly more for sure.

The day after I woke up early to clean through the apartment because at 08.30 a decorator came by to homestyle. Before she finished I went for a screentest which was a successful one and we’re gonna shoot the scene on Sunday. The shortmovie is about what you are willing to sacrifice in order to reach your goal which is pretty convenient.

After the screentest I went back to the apartment to help finish the decoration before the photographer came by. My apartment looks great now! I then got to chill a bit before going with my neighbour to her weekly volunteerjob helping homeless people, which felt very fulfilling as always when trying to do something for someone.

After that I had gymnastics class which was cool too, I’ve looked forward to getting back to ballet and gymnastics for sure. Besides that I hope to work at the school soon and meet with all the kids, I worked there as a substitute teacher the whole spring and loved it there. But there are tons of things to do anyway including applying for an Australian work holiday visa, book another ticket from the Philippines to Australia and visit the bank etc. There’s a lot of things surrounding the apartment too.

I basically like doing things in Sweden because that’s how you get social here, by being productive. My life is pretty different in Brazil I’ll tell ya, where all we do is meet up and hang out. Selling my apartment in Sweden and moving to Australia is a big sacrifice, but coming back to Sweden now makes me realise that it’s a sacrifice worth taking because I can’t change my lifestyle here even though I’d like to, a lifestyle that ends up being a bit too hectic and a bit too lonely.

I recommend the documentary The Swedish Theory of Love because it explains how the Swedish government has worked towards an individualistic society since the 60s and it’s effects, one of them being that 25% of the population dies alone. I believe they wanted society to be individualistic so that everyone can be independent and therefore more productive for the labor market, but this sure can backfire.

I know a lot of people who suffers from solitude in the West, probably because of postmodernism where we as spiritual/emotional beings become a bit too materialistic if you ask me. Swedish people really like being productive which is pretty awesome but people are also afraid to fail and be vulnerable. One thing that has truly served me since coming back to Sweden is a non-judgemental attitude, somehow it’s been part of my Swedish identity to be a bit distant/judgemental but I’ll tell you I’m gonna get rid of it 100% thanks to the lecture with Marshall Rosenberg, thank God for it!

Becoming individualistic also means less babymaking, and that’s one reason why it backfires in terms of workers in the industry although women can work now too. Because of this Sweden has accepted entrance for lots of immigrants to keep the population and labor market growing, and this changes the atmosphere for sure, some of it for the better. Most immigrants come from an interdependent culture which could balance the independent Sweden that is, so I’m hopeful about my home country and hope to contribute to it more in the future.

With that said I feel motivated to move to Australia because I think it’s a great place to be both independent and interdependent while being able to do all of the things that I love and reach the next level with God because of all the motivation. Surely the driven ones are the ones that push society forward, and I want to contribute with all my strength.

Before that I’m gonna do my best to enjoy the advantages of Sweden while I’m here, including being in my apartment and just chill. It’s a wonderful thing to have your own place but it’s expensive and time consuming too, and it’s gonna be nice to be completely free on the road again. I’m thankful, although nothing in this world is forever. Everything is provisional, so we might just enjoy it while we can, but my eyes are on our eternal God! He’s good! 🌺


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