Movies on a plane…

 …which I think we all prefer instead of snakes on a plane! Lol. Flying is a great opportunity for me to watch movies, but it usually takes some time before I find a good one.

I started watching Life because I confused it with a movie I wanted to see with Amy Adams called Arrival. Life was a disgusting movie but a great demonstration of sin and how sin can escalate to a living hell pretty fast. It reminded me of how the battle against evil is very much real and how I need to take it more seriously.

Luckily I found a movie afterwards that left me hopeful and inspired. It’s a Japanese movie called March comes in like a lion that ended up with a great denouement – which is the final outcome of a story. I love movies with a clear denouement, which is probably why it’s a part of the classic dramatic structure – it works psychologically!

It’s hard for me to get inspired by movies, I usually get fascinated by them but rarely inspired. If you’d ask me what my favourite movie is I’d always had a difficulty answering that question because I usually forget about a movie shortly after I’ve seen one. This changed after watching some Ingmar Bergman movies though which totally fascinated me and inspired me at the same time, and I can still remember the feeling they gave me.

Persona for instance made me relate to the nurse Alma, especially the scene where she talks about past sins, and made me realise that anxiety is a universal feeling. I knew this in my head but never in my heart, and knowing that I’m not alone with this feeling was a true comfort for me.

The famous scene with Max von Sydow as the knight Antonious Block in The Seventh Seal where he’s confessing to Death without knowing it, was also very relatable to me and a great demonstration of the human battle with faith and God.

My favourite movie is probably Wild Strawberries though just because Victor Sjöström as Isak Borg was so relatable and lovable. I also liked the part where the two young men who were good friends, one doctor and one priest, had a discussion about faith and science. It’s just very relatable!

Even though the Ingmar Bergman movies has been my biggest inspiration moviewise so far, most of his movies feel dark and I have observed Ingmar Bergmans devilish approach to life. His movies usually deals with universal feelings like loneliness, anxiety and fear of death. In his interviews he clearly shows that he is on the Devils side per say, by drawing a devil beside his signature and talking about his demons in a long interview right before his death.

What really struck me was when the journalist asked him about his belief in God and he clearly demonstrated that he believes we are all gods. As a Christian I know that this is straight from the serpents mouth which one can read in Genesis 3:5 for instance, and I believe that Ingmar Bergman had hardened his heart towards God and was therefore serving the enemy in his work.

With that said, I’m still inspired by his work and believe that they would’ve been even more amazing if he used his gift to glorify God and make us relate to feelings like redemption, forgiveness and righteousness. I think we’ve all been given gifts from God, but we choose how to use them, and I would like to be a part of stories with the same depth as Ingmar Bergman but demonstrating good instead of evil or co-working humbly with God instead of believing that I am a god myself.

I have a lot of things to learn still and I do believe that Ingmar Bergman did bring something good with his movies, and that’s why I was inspired by them like no other movie had been able to inspire me before, so I thank him for that!

In this random search of mine for meaning and understanding through stories and art, March comes like a lion inspired me when it comes to our own search for light without letting other people get in your way. I know I’m breaking some new ground here, especially as a Christian, and I truly intend to because I feel that Christian art these days is pretty lame and unsophisticated.

I want to glorify God in new, exciting and sophisticated ways and it’s gonna be challenging for sure, because every trailblazer faces opposition and I need to stay my ground with Jesus in my heart and mind without listening too much to the negativity. With that said I want to quote the final scene in March comes like a lion that inspired me, but you probably need to watch it to relate:

“In a world inhabited by only those who pick themselves up and forge ahead no matter how many times they fall.

An endless wandering.

I get it now, the answer shouldn’t be sought in someone’s profile.

I have to seek for the answer within myself in the storm.”

Today I read The Gospels of Thomas for the first time (which is part of the gnostic gospels) and an interesting fact is that the philosopher Carl Jung was the first one to put his hands on these gospels. I learned this through Jordan Peterson by the way and I was very pleased when he announced that he’s gonna continue with The Psychological Significance of the Bible series for the rest of his life, so cool!

I believe that Jordan Petersons interpretation of the Bible is super important in order for our modern society to understand how valuable the teachings of the Bible actually are. He also announced that he’s gonna start his online university in January already which I hope to enroll on.

Anyway, back to the gospel of Thomas, even though I’m skeptic towards it’s validation I did like this part which can relate to the final scene I mentioned above:

Jesus said, “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all.

It touches on knowledge as power, but the fact is that when you find truth, you feel disturbed and then marvel before you can use the wisdom in your own life and to help others. 1 Peter 2:9 calls it royal priesthood, which embodies those who have found salvation through Jesus Christ.

I searched for the truth and I searched hard. When I found Jesus as the truth I was shocked and disturbed before I marveled like never before, and now I have the holy spirit and authority over evil spirits. This is all true and real for us disciples and there’s ofcourse a great freedom and power in that, so to reign over all is in no sense unbiblical. Simply put; when you find true light you can use that to help and inspire others and yourself, and life becomes more meaningful.

Therefore I aim to continue to seek for truth and light, in all kinds of ways, with the best of intent in my heart. My focus and intention is in Jesus Christ who turned out to be the truest light in my life, only after he appeared himself to me in a revelation after much search for the truth. If anything it means that there’s a lot of mysteries and light yet to be found if we are willing to look for it.


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