Self Authoring

The self authoring program ( has been very helpful so far!

The self authoring program is divided into 4 parts; future authoring, present authoring (virtues), present authoring (faults) and past authoring.

In the present authoring (virtues) I realised that time in natural surroundings must be more of a priority because that’s when I feel at peace and spend quality time with God. I also realised that I should invest more time in nature AND share that time more often with friends and family.


Another thing that motivated me was the virtue of being interested in people. I remember when I studied practical journalism on Bali back in 2010, and how fulfilling it was to interview people and understand their situation on a deeper level.

At that time the result of the interview was an article, but I crave more, and being an actress allows the output of all the research and digging into peoples lives to be more expressive and artistic.

The self authoring program has helped me re-discover my passions and take them to the next level in no time, I truly recommend it! To analyse and write down your skills really help define them and taking them to the next level.

Old pic from Bali 2010

Besides that I’ve spent a lot of time with my sister in Christ here in Rio de Janeiro. One of the greatest privilege with being a disciple of Christ is all the deep relationships one gains, because we tend to share our deepest and craziest stories with eachother in order to forgive and heal.

Going through forgiveness and trying to understand past hurts together with someone is super helpful and I’m forever thankful for these types of relationships. All relationships should be this deep, vulnerable and trustworthy, but that’s not always the case. However thanks to Jesus and the deep level of spirituality and emotion he brings you through, these types of relationships come along with it.

My sister Karem: @ka_ochsendorf on instagram

With that said I wanna say good night, tomorrow is another day and I aim to start it with some stretching. Thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment!

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